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    We are proficient in a wide range of family law areas in Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Katy and Houston. Our most commonly asked about areas are shown below. Please call for more information on specific family law questions or to discuss your legal options.
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    Family Law Family law is an area of law that includes all legal issues that may arise in a marriage or dissolution of a marriage. The Longworth Law Firm prides ourselves on our knowledge of and experience with family law in Texas.
    Divorce  Divorce is the legal term used to describe the formal ending of a marriage.  At the time of divorce any assets obtained by the divorcing couple must be divided fairly.  Our firm uses our extensive knowledge of Texas family law to make sure that our clients are able to exit their marriage with their rightful portion of the marital assets.  We are aware that during a stressful and emotional time our clients need our firm's guidance to make good decisions regarding their financial future.
    Child Issues/Adoptions For a parent this area can be the most important area of law they must deal with.  Parents must understand their rights in regards to child custody, the rights a parent has to make decisions concerning their child, possession schedules, child support, paternity, and  parental rights termination.  Courts are always looking at “the best interest of the child” and the court's decisions will reflect that idea. The Longworth Law Firm  is proud of our involvement with Ad Litem and Amicus work in Texas and this experience allows  our firm to help the court see all sides of the issues. It is our firm's goal to gain for you  the maximum amount of time with and rights to your child. We handle CPS, agency, and private adoptions.
    Modification Often when people divorce there are obligations governed by the divorce decree. These deal with possession schedules of children, child support,money paid directly from one party to the other, and health insurance coverage. We will discuss modification of those obligations with you, determine if a modification you want is possible, and help you obtain that modification.
    Enforcement If a party chooses not to follow the orders of the court our firm can help by filing a Motion to Enforce.  Our firm will guide you through this process in order to help you receive the judgment that was awarded to you by the court.  We will negotiate with the other party and return to court if necessary.
    Premarital Agreements A premarital agreement can be drafted prior to a marriage to set rules in place for division of property and assets in case the marriage ends in divorce.  Our firm will help you create a premarital agreement or help you determine the validity of one that has already been drafted.
    Probate, Wills, and Codicils Most people know they need a will but are unaware of the many complex issues that can arise when heirs or beneficiaries must dissolve an estate. Taxes and legal disagreements can cause more stress and heartache to grieving family members.  Our firm helps our clients create wills and make end of life decisions such as living wills so that their true wishes are carried out.  We use our extensive knowledge to allow our clients to bequeath the maximum amount of assets possible to their designated heirs.